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viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2014

Is there an European Identity?

Victor Hugo wrote that “A war between Eupeans is a civil war”, and he was right. It is difficult to feel that you are part of something, besides if this something it is such ethereal as a nationality. However, the Europeans, after centuries fighting for the sovereignty, have reach the peace in a common project, the European Union. This means that between us, we see each other as equals, as equals within diversity.

We also need to question ourselves what is an identity. Is something real or is a social construction? Maybe we feel as Europeans only because the society press us to feel in that way, because it was the only way to stop the conflicts within this continent. The US' President, Barack Obama, sentenced that “My identity might begin with the fact of my race, but it didn't, couldn't end there. At least that's what I would choose to believe” so if it exits a European Identity, and it is obvious that it exists, that is why we believe in Europe as a nation.

Legend tell us that Europe made Zeus fall in love and he transformed himself into a white bull to kidnap Europe. It is possible that, after a lot of centuries of fights, wars, epidemics and an endless amount of another disasters, Europe has recuperated such a huge beauty that made the Father of Gods and men desired her; and in consequence, now we are who have fallen in love with her.

Our European identity, nevertheless, is not incompatible with our own country nationalism. But we must know that we are as Europeans as Irish, Germans, Italians or Spanish, in any case. We need this type of nationalism to feel closer to home when we are abroad. It is like the nation-state nationalism helps us to know where we are from, and the European identity where we are walking to. 

If we are Europeans, and if we feel like that, we must be concerned that our continent, an also our European identity, is as rich as different cultures and traditions live together within Europe's frontiers.

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